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How do you Seal a Blister Packaging?

Our Reliable Blister Pack Services Can Get Your Product to Market and Stand Out in the Crowd

Are you looking for a packaging solution for your new product? If so, blister packs is one of the most reliable solutions that you can go with. Blister packs are simply cardboard or plastic prints with the product design on it. It is sealed with a plastic shell shaped to fit the product it is holding. There are other packaging solutions that you can go with, blister pack service may be the most optimal choice depending on your product.

Why Blister Packs Are So Effective

Blister Packaging & Sealing
As a leading blister pack contractor, we know that there are so many different packaging options out there. But there several strong reasons why blister packs are the ideal packaging solution.
Product Visibility – Blister packs are great because they are perfect for product visibility. You have an ample amount of space to showcase your product and brand. You can sell and explain your product on the packaging. If you do a good job at this, you’ll be able to stand out in retail shelves and grab the attention of potential customers.
In addition, the clear plastic allows consumers to get a glimpse into your product. In many scenarios, consumers want to get a strong idea of how the actual product looks and functions. The plastic casing makes it easy for consumers to understand your product which can translate into a purchase.
Cost Effectiveness – Compared to other forms of packaging, blister packs are very cost effective. You can see the costs being lower than $1.70 cents per pack. That’s a very low priced compared to other packaging solutions. The cost can also go down considerably depending on how big your order is.
One thing that some business may not like about blister packs is that the product may come off as cheap, but this isn’t true. With the help of a good blister pack vendor you can come up with a design that helps your product be perceived as high value. It really comes down to the design of the blister pack.
Short Lead Times – Blister packs are very easy to print. As a result, the lead times for them are very short. If you need small batches of orders for things like promotions, then getting the packaging set up in blister packs are optimal. You won’t have to plan ahead of time with this type of packaging.
Tamper Protection – With many products, you have to worry about people getting into the packaging and messing with it. Issues with tampering will often result in customers returning your product because it was damaged in some way. This hurts your bottom line.
Fortunately, blister packs prevent this from happening. You can clearly see when the blister packs have been broken into and tampered with. This means that your customers won’t have to worry about buy a product that was broken into, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
Utility – Blister packs can also offer utility to customers. For example, for pharmaceutical products and the supplement industry, the blister packs can be used to help customers keep track of consumption. They can also offer convenience since they can be easy to carry around as small blister packs and quickly discarded when consumed.
As you can see, there are many benefits and advantages that blister packs offer over other forms of packaging.

Different Packaging Options Are Also Available

Blister Packaging & Sealing
We also different various types of seals for the blister packs. This includes the standard face seal where the plastic blister is secured onto the paperboard, only covering the product. The full face seal blisters extend this to the entirety of the front package.
Then there are the mock blister which adds additional security for your product. It has a small flange that extends to the back for additional coverage. The trapped blister secures to blister in between a card for protection on both sides.
Which option is best suited for your product? As a blister pack contractor, we recommend you choose the option that is most economical and best suited for your product. For instance, a regular household accessory that is priced at $10 should do fine with the standard face seal.
However, you will want the trapped blister pack for expensive products such as electronics that go over $100. A good example of this is the high-priced headphones and earphones so that the packaging isn’t tampered with and stolen.
Blister Packaging & Sealing

What We Offer as a Blister Pack Contractor

If you’re looking for blister pack services, then look no further. We can set up blister packs for a wide variety of products including supplements, household items, electronics, foods, and so much more. You can get an idea of products that were contracted to us by contacting us for our portfolio.
One of the big benefits we offer to our customers is the fact that we are open to both short and large runs. With many service providers, you often have to commit to a big print run. We understand that our clients need short runs for testing products, promotions, and other events. That’s why we do our best to be as flexible as possible.
We can also take care of other needed services. This includes inventory storage, drop-shipping to customers, and shipping to retail locations. Every aspect of product packaging and delivery can be outsourced to us so that you can focus on running and building your business.
To learn more about our blister packaging & sealing services, contact us today.