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Contract Filling Services for Creams and Lotions

Cosmetics Filling Services
Are you planning on bringing a cream or lotion product to the market? With these kinds of products, you really have to think about the packaging. Bad packaging can make the product hard to use, result in damage, or even ruin its consistency. Our contract lotion filling services eliminates any potential problems and can help you market a product that your customers will love.

You Have Many Options When It Comes to Cream and Lotions

We offer many options when it comes to contract cream filling. For example, if you are selling a skin moisturizer, you can go with jars, small disks, or pump bottles. All of these contract cream packaging solutions are viable options and should be considered.
With contract lotion packaging, the same options are available. But you also have the option of going with squeeze packaging. This is cheaper alternative that many companies like to go with. It also gives them more real estate for their brand, copy, and design.
We can work with different consistencies when it comes to creams and lotions. This includes both thin and viscous products. We know how important it is to ensure that the product retains its texture so that you get more value out of it when it reaches the retail shelf. We take pride in the fact that our facilities are designed to maintain quality control.
We are flexible with orders. Some companies have a high minimum orders but we take on both small and large contract lotion filing jobs. If you find success with your product, we have the capability to scale very quickly. You’ll also be able to outsource other tasks like design, inventory, and shipping.
Finally, we offer these packaging options in various sizes but if you need a custom size for your product, we can accommodate that.
We Ensure Your Products Are Well Protected
With creams and lotions, there are several things that you have to think about when it comes to the packaging.
– Does the packaging ensure that the product stays in the same consistency over a long time?
– Is it easy for the customer to open and close the product?
– Is the packaging designed so that it’s easy for the customer to use the product?
– Will the packaging protect the product from things that can damage it such as moisture and heat?
– Does the packaging material contain products that may be harmful to consumers?
These are all things that we consider when we fill and package the products of our clients.

What Kind of Products Can We Fill?

Creams & Lotions
We can fill a wide variety of cream and lotion products. The common category we cover is beauty and self-care. This includes:
– Beauty products such as anti-wrinkle creams, wet foundation, moisturizers, and various makeup products like mascara and lip gloss.
– Everyday self-care products such as hand/body lotions, body soaps, ointments, etc.
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