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Paste Contract Packaging Services

There is a lot to think about when creating packaging for paste-based products. You want to make sure that your product is properly protected, the material of the packaging doesn’t make it difficult to use the paste, and that the paste doesn’t stick to the material. Here’s how we can help make this entire process simple.

How Our Contract Paste Packaging Makes Your Life Easier

1. We can help you control your costs. Because of our large manufacturing facility, team of trained employees, and access to packaging material at lower rates, we can help you save money on your packaging costs. The alternative is to hire your own team, rent out a facility, and pay for the inventory.
2. We can help free up resources to focus on your core competencies. By taking on the contract filling yourself, you have another aspect of your business that needs to be managed. This is going to consume a lot of time and energy. Why not focus your limited resources on what you already do well instead of taking on a job that you’re unsure of.
3. We can make logistics a non-issue for your business. There’s a lot to deal with when it comes to packaging. It has to be stored properly so that heat doesn’t damage the product. You need inventory space to hold the products until everything is shipped out. The products need to be sent to the distributors as well as individual customers. We can take care of all of these logistical tasks.

We’ll Ensure that Your Product is Properly Packaged

Our paste contract paste packaging services will ensure that your product is protected. 

– Proper packaging will be used to ensure that the paste product is easy to use and remove.
– Ensure that the paste remains at the same consistency in the packaging.
– Packaging material will be used so that it can deal with drops, bumps, and other forces the products are exposed to during shipping, shelving, and storage.
– The packaging will protect your product for maximum shelf life. It will be protected from UV rays and heat during storage.
– There will be tamper-proof additions so that your customers won’t risk purchasing a contaminated product.
– You won’t have to worry about your product getting contaminated during the packaging process.
– All the FDA regulations will be adhered to so that you don’t have to deal with penalties.

The Products that We Have Worked With

We run filling jobs for many different products for our clients. Here’s a general idea of what products we can fill.
– Skincare and haircare products such as gels, face pastes, creams, lotions, etc.
– Home products such as scents, toothpaste, deodorants, etc.
– Industrial products such as chemicals, lubrication, auto-related products, home improvement products, etc.
If you’d like a better idea of our paste contract filling services, contact us today. We’ll walk you through all the details. Contact us today to learn more about our paste contract filling services.