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Powder Filling Services

So you have a great new powder-based product you want to release to the market. But do you have a solution for packaging it for sale? This is an aspect of product development that many business owners overlook until the last minute. Fortunately, our contract powder packaging services can do everything for you so that you can focus on marketing your product.

The Benefits of Contract Powder Filling

Powder Product Packaging
You may have thought about overlooking the packaging and filling of your product yourself, but here are the benefits of using a contract powder packaging service.

Benefit #1: It’s Cost Efficient

A packaging and filling company buys in bulk. As a result, a service provider will be able to get packaging materials at lower rates than you’d be able to get yourself. The savings you get by working with a service provider will equal or even be less expensive than doing everything yourself. The costs of the materials, labor, inventory, and other essentials can quickly add up.

Benefit #2: It Frees Up Resources

If you’re working with a limited budget, this may mean having to overlook the packaging and filling yourself. You’ll have to make your employees help with the process, and this can mean that they won’t be able to focus on what you hired them for. Time and man power is something you need to consider in addition to the costs.

Benefit #3: It Makes Everything Easier

Working with a good contract powder filling company can make the whole process easier. We provide a complete service. This includes design, packaging, inventory, and shipment. You won’t have to worry about packaging your products, finding space to store the products, and driving to the courier to ship everything out.

What Makes Our Service Unique

Packaging Powder Products
– Ensure packaging that doesn’t pop or tear, resulting in the powder spilling or leaking out.
– Use packaging that protects your product from potential damage such as moisture, heat, and UV rays.
– Put tamper-proof measures in place so that your customers are protected from other people that open the product in retail shelves.
– Follow all the FDA guidelines when it comes to packaging, especially when it comes to products that are consumable such as supplements.

What Powder-Based Products Can We Fill?

Packaging Powders
We have done contract powder filling for many different products. Here are a few examples of powder-based products we can help you with.
– Cosmetic and skincare products such as makeup, exfoliating products, hair products, etc.
– Supplements such as protein powders, ground natural ingredients, vitamins, and more.
– Pharmaceutical products that are taken in powder form.
– Food products such as flavor enhancers for beverages.
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