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Coding and Marking Services

Coding & Marking
Coding and marking your products are important if you are working with many different iterations, parts, or components for your product. They also are important if you want to make it easy for customers to identify your product or you want to maintain quality control. In some industries, it’s essential to code and mark products to be compliant.

Challenges that Are Overlooked

Coding & Marking Services
There are many challenges of coding and marking that companies often overlook or underestimate. First, you have to ensure that the marking and coding will stay on the product or part. Depending on the product, there may be exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other elements that can deteriorate the mark.
Second, you need an effective way to code and build a database for your products. This becomes especially important if you are working with complex products such as electronics, medical devices, and machinery. You can be dealing with thousands of parts depending on how many products are in your line.
Finally, there’s the issue with counterfeit products. You want to provide your customers a way to detect counterfeit products. They should be able to use the marking on the product and use your database to check if the product they are buying is legitimate.

LPC Filling Provides a Complete Solution

We are specialists when it comes to packaging and label coding services. Our label marking services will be able to oversee every aspect of labeling and coding so that you can focus on your core competencies. We will ensure that your products can be easily identified and tracked with our services.

Here is the quality you can expect from our label marking and label coding services:

– We’ll ensure that the marking will have no issues no matter what the surface of the product is.
– The marking will be done so that it is clear and legible. There will be no issues with trying to read and decipher the mark.
– The marking will be printed to last. It will have no issues withstanding heat, moisture, debris, and chemicals. Please contact us for more information about the environment your product will be in.
– We will help you come up with a coding system to easily identify your products.

Different Marking Solutions Based on Your Needs

Different marking solutions are available depending on your needs. For instance, we understand that even ink printed marks can fade away with constant exposure to a harsh environment. A good solution to maintain marks is to use laser to engrave the marks. This works very well on many hard surfaces.
For simple products, inkjet printing will be a simple and effective solution. The ink does last for a very long time. If your product isn’t exposed to harsh environments, then this is a cost-effective marking method that is used for most products.
If you’re looking for something more user-friendly, we also provide a service to print QR codes for your product. This can be a great way for both employees and customers to identify products very quickly. It can also be integrated into your marketing strategy if you are selling consumer products.
Whether you sell consumer or industrial products, you need an effective way to mark and code your products. LPC Filling can provide the reliable services you need to track your products, remain compliant, and provide value to your customers.
Again, we can also take the headache out of managing an extensive product or parts line. We will create a coding system that’s easy to understand and manage. To learn more about our coding and marking services, contact us today.