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Why Choose LPC Filling for Induction Sealing?

Induction Sealing Services
Induction sealing is used for plastic and glass bottles to prevent leaking and preserve the life of the product. It uses heat to apply a liner on the lip of the bottle and seal the product after it has been filled. While induction sealing services are very straightforward, there are several things that you have to consider when choosing a provider.
The most important thing is that you find a reliable company to work with. You want to see that the company adheres to a high standard of quality control. This ensures that you won’t be dealing with products that have improper seals or other issues with packaging.
There are mistakes that can be made by service providers. This includes using too much heat on the induction to the point where the covering can get damaged, issues with not getting the sizing right for proper sealing, and problems with the tamper-proof sealing. These mistakes can be avoided by going with an experienced service provider.

Benefits of Working with LPC Filling

Induction Sealing
We can take care of every aspect of product packaging. We can source the materials, fill your product, provide the induction sealing services, and even handle the rest of the packaging. This makes it easy for you to outsource the entire packaging aspect of your product.
We can take on large orders and offer quick delivery times. We have a streamlined process and a facility that can take large orders without any problems. We can also run both small and large jobs on short notices.
We have a lot of experience in the packaging industry. We specialize in this area and have worked with many different clients for many different products. As such, we know the common challenges that clients face. Our previous work gives us the knowledge to come up with optimal packaging solutions for our diverse clients.
You can expect a high-quality job. The seals will protect from leaks and from air exposure. The latter is especially important since food products can spoil very quickly if the seal doesn’t prevent air from getting in.

We Provide Solutions for Every Unique Situation

Packaging comes in many different sizes. That’s why it’s important to specifically provide induction sealing services for the specific product. We do not take a one size fits all approach as that can lead to sealing errors that will cost you money, time, and your reputation.
For instance, larger bottles with bigger lips, should be sealed differently from smaller bottles. There should be better uniformity, thicker material, and even pressure. We know how important it is to optimize the heat, power, and the type of sealing method used for each product that our clients approach us with.
Another thing we can help you with is choosing the right cap. The cap will go over the seal so that consumers can open and reseal the product. You need to choose a cap that’s going to be easy to use, provide a strong seal, and be durable.
There’s also the relationship between the cap and the induction seal. The cap should work well with the seal. Issues with the cap can result in the cap peeling off or tearing the seal when opened. These are things that we think about as we come up with the optimal sealing services.

Give Us a Try

Rather than explain all the technical details, why not give us a try? You can try a small test run to assure the quality of our induction sealing services. There’s no better way to see our services in action than inspecting the finished product in your hands,
To learn more about our induction sealing services, Contact us today to get started.