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High Impact Labeling to Help Your Product Stand Out

Label Application
One of the most important aspects of launching your product is getting the labeling right. But a label can be so much more than a description of your product. It can help you improve your brand image, improve the selling power of your product, and help your product stand out among competitors. We provide high-quality label application services to ensure that your product has a stronger chance of engaging customers.

How Does Labeling Work?

The labels are designed and printed by our team at LPC Filling. The labels have an adhesive on one side and are applied to the packaging. Labels can be applied to glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastics, and other types of surfaces. The labels will be set on the packaging securely and will hold without any problems with it peeling off.

What Kind of Quality Should You Expect From Us?

We understand how important it is to present your product to your customers properly. You want to make a strong first impression whether it’s on store shelves or on eCommerce platforms. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on quality when it comes to our label application services. Here are some of the things you can expect.
– We will ensure that the labels are applied in excellent conditions. You won’t have to deal with bubbles, wrinkles, or tears when working with us. The labels will remain flat to present your design properly.
– The labels are designed to hold and last in various conditions. It can handle UV light, humid conditions, and in cooler temperatures.
– The labels will not start to tear or peel off when exposed to water. This is very important when you’re selling bath and beauty products.
– We’ll ensure that the design, copy, and other text is clean and accurate. We ensure that no mistakes are made when it comes to
– The labels will not be easily damaged when the packaging is squeezed. This will ensure longevity on both store shelves and the lifespan of the product once it’s in the customer’s hands.
– The label material and print job is high-quality. The graphics and text will stand out and be very clear in the customer’s eyes.

What Kind of Labeling Can We Handle?

Here’s a quick overview of the different label application services we offer.

Bottle Labeling

Bottles is the most common types of packaging that we offering label application services for. Because are handled often by consumers, we put in extra care to ensure that they can adhere to the pressure of people’s hands.

Jar Labeling

Jars are commonly used for beauty and pharmaceutical products. Since you’re typically working with a small amount of surface space, you have to ensure that the labeling is properly installed so that they last for a long time and do not peel off.

Tube Labeling

Tubes are also common. You often see them used for beauty products. Tubes can be tricky because people often squeeze them to use the product. Our labeling method is designed to deal with this kind of usage.

Other Products

We also offer labeling services for plastic surfaces and other materials. Even if you’re opting for lower-cost packaging, we can still ensure that the label will stay put and help market your product.
To learn more about our label application services, contact us for more information. We also use pressure label application, which is known to avoid issues like peeling that’s common with the traditional labeling solutions. contact us today.