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Shrink Wrapping Solutions

Shrink Wrapping
If you’re looking for a way to protect your products, then shrink wrapping is the ideal solution. Shrink wrapping is a process where shrink wrap material is applied to your product and shrunk down to conform to the shape of your product. There are many benefits of using this packaging solution.

Why Shrink Wrapping is Effective

Shrink Wrapping
There are several benefits of shrink wrapping your product.

1. It Protects Your Product

Shrink wrapping can protect your product. It adds an extra layer of protection against head and moisture. Both heat and moisture can damage certain products like food items, even if you already have packaging for them.

2. It Keeps Your Product Clean

If you’re selling your product on retail shelves, you want to do whatever you can to present your product in the best light possible. A shrink wrap will provide an extra barrier for your main packaging. This will make it easy to clean out dirt and dust while also preventing it from getting onto the actual product.

3. It Increases Storage Space

Storage space is important in both retail shelves and in inventory. Shrink wrapping condenses your product when sold as multi-packs. You probably have seen various items shrink wrapped together such as pasta sauces, shampoo, household products, and more.
Retailers like when a product takes up less space. It means that they can put more products on their shelves to maximize sales. It also makes it easier for them to maintain inventory space.

4. It’s Cost-Efficient

Going with shrink wrapping services is ideal if you want to save costs on your product packaging. The material is less costly than other packaging solutions and less of the material is required than the other packaging choices.

5. It Offers Utility

Consumers also find it convenient to deal with shrink wrapped products. The shrink wrap holds the product in place with no issues. It is easy to rip open the packaging and throw it away. In fact, most people are so used to shrink wrapped packaging and they’ve probably never thought about how convenient it was compared to other packaging.

Let Our Shrink Wrapping Services Solve Your Packaging Challenges

LPC Filling specializes in product packaging. We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions and shrink wrapping is one of the go-to services used by our clients. While there are many other companies that offer shrink wrapping services, here’s how we’re different:
– We put emphasis on making sure that the shrink wrap is secure. The shrink wrap won’t tear or rip on its own. It will hold its shape and retain the packaging integrity.
– We use tougher material if the product calls for it. Your everyday shrink wrap may not be suitable if your product is heavier than usual. If the shrink wrap isn’t tough enough, it can result in the packaging failing. This will result in the product being damaged or your customer getting hurt.
– We can finish packaging very quickly. We have the capability to handle large orders, so you can expect to have the finished product within a short timeframe.
– Our rates are competitive. We know how important packaging can eat into profits. We invite you to compare our rates to our competitors.

What Products Can We Shrink Wrap?

There is very little that can’t be shrink wrapped, but here’s a general list of products that can be shrink wrapped:
– Cosmetics
– Food items
– Household items
– Electronics
– Books
– Gift sets
– Office supplies
Want to learn more about our shrink wrapping services? Contact us today for more information and a quote.